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Of all the gambling games, Poker is the most popular of all. It is played not only in Las Vegas, but everywhere in the country. It is played not only in card rooms and casinos , but also on the Internet. It is played not only in several variations, but is also played in the celebrated series of tournaments, especially the WSOP or World of Poker.

Essentially, there are three variations of poker, based on how this gambling game is played and how the cards are dealt. These poker variations are stud, draw and Flop lives. The first two variations have already spread in western movies and in television series. And that’s why many people, even non-poker players, have a good idea on how the stud and draw are played. The third one, flop games, is actually showing Poker TV in reality. And it is also rapidly gaining a lot of followers.

In stud games, the player deals with two kinds of cards, down card and high card. Down cards are only revealed to support of cards, while on cards they are seen by opponents and audiences. Because some of the cards are exposed, a player can make the guesswork of the hands his opponents have. One of the most popular versions of stud games is the Seven-card.

In draw games, players deal with down cards only. This implies that a player does not exactly know the cards that are held by his opponents. Still, a player can make inferences based on betting patterns and the number of cards drawn for improvement. In a sense, the draw games are challenging, but they can be quite easy to beat especially if one has already played with the same opponents before. The most popular of all draw games is the Five-card draw.

In the Flop games, down cards and tall cards are dealt in a slightly different way. For people who are used to set up games or draw games, Flop games are somewhat unusual. This is because each player deals with two down cards. And to complete the hand, there will be three high cards in the middle of the table. These exposed cards do not belong to a player, but to all players. Thus, these high cards are also called community cards.

Flop games become challenging because a poker player must not only think of the card combinations with the two in his hand and the three on the table, but also think of how these three cards complete the hand of his opponents. Some of the Flop games are Omaha, Omaha eight or better, pineapple and Texas Hold’em.

The most challenging of all Flop games is Texas Hold’em. And this flop variant is the game used to determine the champion at the WSOP.

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