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There is great diversity of opinion about the amount of cheating that takes place in Nevada. Some claim bent game is a thing of the past that belongs to the days of gold rushes and also that casinos can not afford horrific advertising such a scandal would bring. People call attention to the Nevada gambling control board, which keeps a video close on the casinos and comes down with an iron hand on all the cheating caught casinothe public. Another school of thought on the subject believes that much more is going on than anyone could expect in Nevada and that institutions like the gaming control board are ineffective. They point to the notion that both Reno and Vegas are largely controlled by criminal syndicates and that cheating in Nevada is and has always been a way of life.

Truth is undoubtedly found in some places in between. Scrabble is far from exterminated in Nevada and never exterminated there or in any other site where gamblers gather. However, casinos generally seem to be fairly clean. The game has become a corporate business in Nevada and is all about executive interests to keep things over-edge. Club owners get high profits with clean play, so why swing the boat?

Not that they are such moral or ethical souls. It is fair that they know that if out-of-towners have the slightest question concerning casino integrity they will direct and clearly bring their business elsewhere. The few dollars that could be taken on a rigged outfit or an underhanded game is simply not worth the destruction that a bad reputation would bring.

However this does not mean that all Nevada gaming exploits are pearly white. Some are not. How to tell? As a best practice rule, it is best to stick with the best-know places, tried and true. If you’re going to cheat, it’s more likely to happen down-and-go in sections of the city. Moreover, it will happen in places that do not have much to lose by giving up their gaming permits. The one-armed gunman at the local liquor store is more likely to be gaffed than the ones at the Flamingo. The crap table at a dive is more likely to use the false dice than those along the strip.

If you’re in a casino and you think you’re cheated, what then? First of all, be sure. Many people raise a big squall and come out looking sheepish when their accusations are discredited. If you are sure something is going on, go to the manager or pit boss and report it. Chances are he is interested in learning about rockers as much as you do. Remember that traders are simply hired hands. Occasionally some kind of anterior agreement between the patron and the dealer takes place. Or sometimes the dealer simply wants to pocket some extra bucks for him. Whatever the case, the manager is eager to know about this and is well aware that his casino might lose its license if caught. Entirely cheating should be reported to those in charge; one can reasonably be determined that the action will be safe and rapid.

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