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The Casino Etiquette Code is applicable to all casino games and affects all players. Etiquettes are ways in which players need to practice while inside the casino.

First let them start with playing slots and video poker:> play with a machine only especially when the casino is too crowded. > If you are taking a long break put a mug on the handle of the machine to indicate that you will be back at the car. As soon as you do not leave the car unattended, someone will take your place.

Next it will be the game of Blackjack:> know the blackjack hand signals especially the strike or stand signals. > after you have placed your bet you do not touch it again, it’s a no-no. > never ask the dealer about his deck card. > if you lose a lot of time do not accuse the dealer of cheating or being polarized and especially not the bad mouth anyone.

The Roulette game:> If you are not going to play roulette, clear your home to the roulette table. It is exclusive for roulette players only. You can watch them from behind. > Roulette uses different kinds of chips; players are not allowed to exchange chips with their friends and family. A chip color for the player only.

For the game of Craps:> traders are not allowed to take cash from the players so they never hand over your cash to the dealer, exchange your cash for chips. Or you can place your money on the table and tell the dealer for “change only”. > you can make field bets, pass / do pass bets, you get bets and odds your self. > Always keep yourself away from the table and never obstruct the dice. > remember to give the dice a nice throw around the table if you are the shooter. Do not try to slide the dice from the format because you can not control the dice.

And finally to overturn:> overturning is not mandatory; you can give tips to traders by generosity. Everything you give will be appreciated. However, if you give the tips never expect that the house rules will fold because of your tips.

Generally, one if you win or lose always remains calm. Do not make a scene inside the casino. Keep a clear head and keep your composure intact.

Casino Etiquette is for everyone and for every game. Nobody will play with you if you are not displaying good ways.

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