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Mahjong is a game of versatility and is very suitable for any kind of player. It can be learned easily and an outstanding salon game, which can be played by people from all age groups. Little focus on defense is possible if the game is used as a game of complete chance. It can also be a puzzle for players who have both intellectual and philosophical structure of the mind because it requires a mastery of every detail of the rules and to note as well as an ability to adapt quickly to states of variation of probability and to the identification of equilibrium between the offense and the defense. Ultimately, emotion seekers as well as people seeking excitement will soon realize that the game requires a sharp psychological focus,

The rules, note and the payment system determine the nature of mahjong. The traditional rules are proportional and suitable for all types of players. The possibility of noticing well with hidden hands is noticeably increased with the score fixed at 1,000 points (for the classic Chine rules) provides more options for the intellectual or the risk taker type of players.

The current model-focused rules give intellectual players the mental evidence they are looking for in a game. For risk takers, the modern Japanese style of the game is an interesting option. Other versions of the game combine both intellect and risk taking. American or French variation is an option for people who love tile-matching, high-scoring and bullet games.

Because a complete set of mahjong has 144 tiles (or 136, if flowers and seasons are excluded) and four sets and a pair is required in a winning hand, the winning rate is clearly huge. While the hands received during the deal are vital in determining the initial goal, rarely does a player emerge with a winning hand in which more than half of the winning set tiles have been pulled from the wall or discarded cards.

There is also the truth that a beginner may have the luck to defeat the veteran players. Even in traditional rules, a complete game can be won with just from single lucky tiles not necessarily the limit hand (though not necessarily with a limit hand (an exclusive hand that inevitably grants the maximum score) .It is worth noting that huge income is most of the time a result of a) accumulating an added average winning hand with additional credits for additional tiles (such as the flowers, seasons and Dora tiles) and / or b) that uses the traditional method of payment (losers who pay twice the amount if the east is the player who wins the game).

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