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Daniel Negreanu keeps surprising us, the recent release of his book that discusses winning strategies when playing poker is a new proof. The title of the book was not chosen at random, “Poker Power” a very evocative title aims to reveal to readers the best advice to be able to aim far when we play this game. The author was well backed by equally experienced players like Evelyn Ng and Erick Lindgren in writing his “Poker Power”.


Daniel Negreanu advances without hesitation through the lines of his book that the advice unveiled throughout the book are not foreign to its many successes in its immense success. As a reminder, the player is among those who have garnered the greatest number of winnings in international tournaments. Approximately $ 12.4 million was won by this player in the various tournaments in which he participated. The book is more than 200 pages long and the author has mainly written the section dedicated to the Small Ball. Negreanu’s book is already praised by the poker community. Fans who would like to go far will find the tips filled with efficiency.

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